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movieRSeptember 26, 2023
A charming guy attempts to pick up a woman in a bar by spinning a tale involving spies, implanted microchips and the dangerous military scientist hunting him.
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1h 30min
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This is a bit of a shame. It could have been really good. It's got all the ingredients for an interesting movie. Modified humans used as weapons...count me in. It's got a interesting cast of recognisable actors such as Terminator guy and The A- hole from the big short. The structure of the movie is well done flicking backwards and forwards in time to make an decent structure The problems are that the budget doesn't allow for any interesting sets and thus the film looks quite samey. The editing is also awful and kills any notion of coherence or pace in the action sequences which is a death sentence for an action movie.

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Cast Overview
  • Byron Mann
  • Robert Patrick
  • Helena Mattsson
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