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tvseriesJune 5, 2024
Jason Dessen is abducted into an alternate version of his life. To get back to his true family, he embarks on a harrowing journey to save them from the most terrifying foe imaginable: himself.
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I think that for what it is, is pretty good. While I'd like to see more science in shows like this, to give the audience a grounding into what the multi-verse is, sans nancy-boy superheroes. In this case, the concept is dealt with in a superficial way (to ep. 3) but hopefully it clarifies as we go on. As for the people... It rarely ceases to amaze. Why is it things play out in these type of TV shows as they never would in real-life? I'm not talking about the scifi concept, that's usually very basically dealt with, sometimes it's interesting, but the actions of humans in these things rarely if ever ring true. Ask yourself, would YOU behave the way people did here? A true scientist would more than anything be fascinated by what had transpired, they would be elated that something had happened. Instead, the reactions are fear, overwrought emotion, it just does not ring true. Do you fly off the handle at the least confusing conflict? Even in a traumatic situation you would probably have the presence of MIND to ask people to explain before you went haywire. But supposed IQ's of the protagonists aside, they act like lab-rats with just as little intelligence. Dialog makes little sense, doesn't lead anywhere as quickly as it could, just facilitates dragging out and laying the groundwork for the implausible situations we always see. At the very beginning, rather than ask the guy questions about his experience, they start peppering a clearly disoriented person with questions! They should have let HIM ask the questions and patiently answered them and explained what was done. If they are going to tackle some of the concepts in quantum mechanics, they need to stop catering solely to the mouth-breathers in the audience.

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  • Joel Edgerton
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Jimmi Simpson
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