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movieJanuary 1, 2024
From his onstage tackle to the slap heard round the world, Dave Chappelle lets loose in this freewheeling and unfiltered stand-up comedy special.
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'The Dreamer' provides a raw and less immaculately polished set than Dave's previous Netflix outings (such as 'Sticks and Stones' and 'Equanimity'). Those who are desperate to see him deliver the comedic equivalent of 'drawing a perfect circle freehand' (...once more) may be a little disappointed at first, but this can be overcome by adjusting your perspective slightly and appreciating that Dave's presentation in this special is simply different. Specifically, the usual 'smooth-as-glass' flow of 'back-to-back stories' is substituted here for a messier ah-hoc and human approach... taking perhaps more risk than ever before in the pursuit of what he does best and what we ultimately love him for: "you know... just fudging around." For example, at times Dave will simply relay a ridiculous line, barely able to make his way through his delivery because he is trying not to laugh. It may not be consistently crisp (relative to earlier efforts) but it's endearingly relaxed and, as mentioned, very human. What remains consistent however is that Dave is awesomely funny - an absolute titan. Nobody else today can touch him on that front. A strong stomach is required for the opening segment, in which Dave defiantly demonstrates that his muscular comedy mind has no boundaries where he dare not go. We, the audience, might get uncomfortable (at times), but so long as we buy into and applaud the mantra of "just fudging around" we must simultaneously accept that it would be missing the point to draw the line for anyone in particular. In for a penny, in for a pound. For anyone that finds the opening too harsh, I recommend persevering as the remainder of the set may recalibrate your sensitivities. It's not long before Dave once again reveals his human empathy for others. Those with a keen ear will know that he has always possessed empathy for all by the bucketload. In summary, Dave remains a joy to watch, just like any performance by someone who is a true master of his art. His mannerisms and facial expressions provide just as much entertainment as the words he uses. He speaks and laughs so freely it's honestly like watching a bird fly. Fly on for all of us, Dave. Fly on.

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