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tvseriesTV-MAApril 28, 2024
Two teen ghosts work alongside a clairvoyant to solve mysteries for their supernatural clientele - until a powerful witch complicates their plans.
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Dead Boy Detectives is a fun science fiction-fantasy mash up with retro overtones. The detectives are ghosts hiding from Death ("on the lam" according to another character) while handling their work. The pace is fast, sometimes almost frenetic, which means this is not second screen fare. A lot depends on the leads being likable, which they are, but even more depends on the framing and writing by Steve Yockey. Yockey excels. Cast and writing are at the front, of course, but this particular series is also dependant on the quirky set dec, locations, and overall tone of filming. And fortunately the entire smash up works. I haven't watched any of the other shows in this comic "Universe," and probably won't. Fortunately this show can stand on its own.

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  • George Rexstrew
  • Jayden Revri
  • Kassius Nelson
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