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movieRDecember 14, 2023
Mack is a former soldier who, after the war, moved to a town with a nuclear power plant, where nearly everybody works. Life is peaceful for him there, until a gang of mercenaries led by Ron storm the reactor and take everybody hostage, including a group of children on a school trip. Now Mack is in a race against the clock and must use his military training to defeat Ron before he puts the reactor into meltdown. Along the way he discovers Ron's motive, which unravels a greater secret Mack's town is hiding.
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1h 37min
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He is putting out B or even C rated movies at a blistering pace. His name is now trashed. Anytime I see his name now I think of Steven Segal, an actor many thought was good at action movies until he was exposed in behind the scenes footage. Nothing to see in this film, it was my last attempt to watch a movie with him in it, and I didn't last all that long.

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  • Bruce Willis
  • Patrick Muldoon
  • Matthew Marsden
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