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tvseriesTV-MAMarch 19, 2023
A 12-year-old boy survives a plane crash that kills every other passenger on the flight, including his family. As he and others affected by the tragedy try to make sense of what happened, unexpected friendships, romances, and communities are formed.
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This series really started off strong in the first few episodes. Some amazing performances all round, I won't deny that. You do get pulled into the individual stories at first. But then it plateaus and becomes a bit meh, there seems to be no rise and fall with in the story lines, the soundtrack etc. No real tension and release, just meh. I feel at times it becomes hard to find empathy for a majority of the characters and what they are going through because they make some very selfish decisions. So now I've lost interest at episode 5. I'm wondering if this would have been better served as a 2 hour film rather than a series?

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  • Taylor Schilling
  • Colin O'Brien
  • Carter Hudson
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