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tvseriesJanuary 16, 2024
How do you solve a murder in a post-fact world? Especially when sailing the Mediterranean on an ocean liner filled with the wealthy and powerful. Everyone on board is hiding something... but is one of them a killer? That's what the world's once greatest detective, Rufus Cotesworth, and his prote'ge'e, Imogene, aim to discover.
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Is this a side story/spinoff of the Knives Out franchise? Came to me whilst writing, I'll Google it later, but I always give a new series at least three episodes, which isn't possible at this moment since I can only view two episodes, still, Mandy shouldn't be attempting the English English accent, voice is too gruff, but so far so good in my opinion, loved those movies, and like most of these actors to this point, so my rating is subject to watching the entire season... Yikes, so a review needs at least six hundred characters? I don't do many, but most will be filler, as I mentioned prior, after the first two, it deserves at least another episode, which I'll have to wait for apparently.

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  • Violett Beane
  • Lauren Patten
  • Angela Zhou
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