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movieROctober 8, 2023
After 11 years in a Mississippi state prison, Russell Gaines struggles to leave his past sins behind him as he returns home to his stoic father, Mitchell. One fateful night he meets Maben, a young mother with nothing but a stolen gun and a murdered police deputy to her name. Desperate and on the run, Russell and Maben must trust one another to escape their own circumstances, before the truths of their intertwined violent past threatens to destroy them.
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1h 52min
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The good: real fine quality actors who do carry this story about a young poor couple (she a prostitue, he an ex-prisoner) struggling to make their marriage work, with a young daughter caught in between all the upheaval that a life with a mother as a prostitute brings with it. Kinda bleak and somewhat sad and depressing as well, but simultaneously a real gritty life portrait of two young lovers struggling to get by. Any bad? Beware that Mel Gibson only has got a small supporting role as a father for a few minutes. So this is definitely NOT a Mel Gibson movie. The other actors are fine though, so no problem with that, but... However good the actors are, this drama fails to become truly gripping. It's more of a bleak and slowburning portrait than a gripping drama. I was missing some spark and punch... But that's about my only gripe I can think of, besides the soundtrack being a bit too obtrusive and present all the time as if we as viewers dont know WHEN a scene is dramatic without this bombastic soundscore droning on constantly in the background. Not great, but certainly not bad at all either. A gritty and bleak portrait of a young couple struggling with life, probably best suited for the more patient art house movie fans.

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  • Mel Gibson
  • Willa Fitzgerald
  • Ryan Hurst
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