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tvseriesTV-14July 22, 2020
A group of ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life come to find that the mystery winds far deeper than they ever imagined.
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I'm fascinated by the human brain, and how an individual's opinion on a show, can be so far from another's opinion; it's almost as if they must have watched 2 different shows. I see that some people are calling the show the worst thing they've ever seen in the history of TV, while others praise it as the best. All that's fine and dandy, I just wish we could leave out all the "and if you like this awful show, you're a total moron!" criticisms of each other. Can't we review the show, without also reviewing each other? People are so quick to call each other an idiot, these days, over a simple difference in taste. Can you imagine how incredibly boring life would be if we all had the same views, opinions, and interests? Our lives would be 'blah', in my opinion. 😉

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  • Jason Segel
  • André 3000
  • Eve Lindley
  • Richard E. Grant
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