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movieNovember 20, 2023
Alexis Laguna is a happily re-married, suburban housewife. One day she announces that she is getting divorced just to see which of her friends will try to steal her husband. Meanwhile, an old flame comes back into her life.
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1h 33min
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Finally a movie that is just pure fun and silliness. What a great escape from all the cinema that heavy handidly try's to convey a message. I like a good popcorn flick and this is one of them. The two leads had great chemistry and their dynamic reminded me Rickey Ricardo and Lucille Ball! The ensemble was incredible, every actor was strong and had me cracking up. Two scenes stand out the most to me, the hand model edible castrophy and of course the "pool party." They took situations that seem too incredible to believe but coukd actually happened. Want more movies like Divorce Bait to be made!!

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  • Vannessa Vasquez
  • Justin Berti
  • Erik Fellows
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