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tvseriesMarch 30, 2023
In the Wild West in the 1860s and 1870s, Sarah and John have founded New Babylon, a city of outcasts of all backgrounds. Haunted by the murder of his family eight years earlier, Django is still looking for his daughter, believing she may have survived the killing. When Django shockingly finds her in Babylon, about to marry John, Sarah - now a grown woman - wants Django to leave fearing he'll put Babylon in jeopardy. But Django, believing the city is in danger, is adamant that he will not lose his daughter twice.
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Unbelievably this series is actually getting worse as it goes on, 2 episodes in and it's pretty awful, the accents are all over the place, no 2 people have the same accent, some are so very bad can't even distinguish what they are saying, the plot line is all over the place, just rubbish.there is no Franco Nero Django in this one, this Django can barely act, and there are 10 episodes of this, not entirely sure where it can go really do, unless the 3rd episode is absolutely spectacular im afraid I won't be watching the rest of it. I want to see a remake of the Franco Nero version, nothing fancy no flashing lights, no metaphorical bull just a gritty grimy plot with Django ripping up his machine gun in a coffin. Done. Overall a poor effort. Well 3 episode and god damn man it's just getting more boring, WHERE THE HELL IS THE STORY LINE. Just flicking between scenes and moments in time with no context or continuity, Django is supposed to be this hard core cowboy, he's not even aloud to have his own gun, it's just boring pointless dialogue with no direction, seems to me this is 9 episodes longer than it should have been.

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  • Matthias Schoenaerts
  • Nicholas Pinnock
  • Lisa Vicari
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