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tvseriesNot RatedDecember 11, 2019
The story of Hugh Knight, a rising heart surgeon who is gifted, charming and infallible. He is a hedonist who, due to his sheer talent, believes he can live outside the rules. His "work hard, play harder" philosophy is about to come back and bite him.
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I stumbled across this show one night when I had nothing to watch. I've always been a big fan of Rodger Corser but this just made me love him more!! The cast is awesome and they all play their roles perfectly. The only thing I would say is that the show probably downplays the impact of drugs... for example Hugh will do drugs but then will come into work. Season 1 of the show is gold! You can't get better Aussie tv then season 1 of this show! I highly recommend Season 2 was good (not as good as 1 but still really enjoyable I still loved it). Season 3 there was a significant drop but it was still watchable, unfortunately season 4 wasn't good. I've rewatched the early seasons 4 times they were so good! Sadly the show has started to drop in quality Season 5 is on the way I hope that it picks up again cause I was disappointed with the last season. Still a huge fan of Rodger's though :)

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  • Rodger Corser
  • Nicole da Silva
  • Ryan Johnson
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