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tvseriesTV-MAJuly 24, 2023
The extraordinary rise of Livia Drusilla, who overcame adversity to become the most powerful woman in the world. Follow Livia's journey from a nai\u0308ve young girl whose world crumbles in the wake of Julius Caesar's assassination, to Rome's most powerful and influential Empress.
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Some of the history here is accurate. Some definitely not. I'm not happy about the Antigone character, a weak bit of invention. Also the actress Kasia Smutnik who portrays the older Livia, has a very different accent to that of her younger self, almost Scandinavian and although, she acts well, that accent is so annoying. I dont feel this is as good as Rome, it all looks a bit cheap and the acting is largely 'B' grade in comparison, though I can see that the paciness of this production chimes well with the 2021 YouTube mentality, short video bite audiences this is aimed at. Its entertaining to binge watch on. I doubt it will win many awards, I enjoyed watching it, but Domina does not enthrall.

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  • Alex Lanipekun
  • Ewan Horrocks
  • Matthew McNulty
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