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tvseriesTV-14December 27, 2023
Upananta's greatest dragonrider disappears in the middle of a crucial battle. Without him, the world is doomed. The rookie dragonrider, Thaim, goes to find him in another world: a place where flying dragons and adventure only exist in high school student Nagi's dreams.
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This is wonderful for a few reasons, most notably that it's not based on another source. It works as an anime and effortlessly transitions into live action. Mackenyu continues to prove what an accomplished actor he is; not just an extraordinary action star. Even as a voice over he gives his character punch. His acting is a very grounded, dramatic performance in the live action world and stands apart from the fantasy/anime part in a perfect way giving the character a sense of mystery in the live action world and a sorta anti-superhero hero. It's quite brilliant. The anime part itself is an exciting adventure that can stand on its own and fits perfectly with a Disney audience. In fact, Disney could just as easily turn the anime world into a live action sequel since the adventure itself is great as a standalone. Once into the real world these hero's from another world help teenagers face all the problems of being a teenager and that gives the fantasy series that wonderful feel good Disney feeling we all remember as children.

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  • Sena Nakajima
  • Daiken Okudaira
  • Rena Tanaka
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