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tvseriesTV-14May 17, 2024
After her successful career in Chicago, Elsbeth Tascioni, an astute but unconventional attorney, utilizes her singular point of view to make unique observations and corner brilliant criminals alongside the NYPD.
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We were all pleasantly surprised by the fresh take on the Columbo (1971) "reverse mystery" formula with Poker Face (2023), and here we have CBS's attempt at that sub-genre with mixed feelings. For those unaware, the "reverse mystery" is not a "whodunnit" but a "howcatchem." In this format, the crime is depicted first in full view of the audience. There is no doubt "who did it." The fun them comes when the detective comes in and finds all the "little" things the killer gets wrong, and we get to watch as the "perfect crime" slowly unravels. Peter Falk as Columbo did this to great affect - with his little questions, constant "one more thing" jibes, and the reveal - that point where the killer know's the game is up - is more often than not very satisfying. Not so much here. Now introduce Elsbeth Tascioni ( Carrie Preston ) who is well-known to those who follow the The Good Wife (2009) franchise. She's a quirky somewhat "neruodiverse" lawyer who has a special point of view of the world, and has a talent for seeing the little things. Now Elsbeth is "on loan" to monitor the NYPD, and manages to ease her way into leading an investigation into a murdered actress. I have no love of New York or the NYPD, but I do take exception with law enforcement being depicted as out-right incompetent. There's a perfect crime scene, where the killer has covered all the bases to make the murder appear a suicide. Open and shut - where's the donuts. Only Elsbeth comes in and finds three or four completely obvious clues that suggest that the suicide might be murder. Of course, the cops are all bothered and unimpressed by her insights. "Wait in the hall," she's repeatedly told. But she's having none of it, and continues to poke-and-prod and even does a "one more thing" bit. While I'm overall happy with this show - shot beautifully to make you believe that every day is sunny in New York (it's not) - the writing is extremely weak and it shows. No spoilers here, but - come on - the mystery is so shallow that it almost seems the killer didn't have to work so hard. The "little things" that Elsbeth notices are so obvious and in plain sight, a trained police detective would have to be completely incompetent not to notice them. This show is almost-but-not-quite family friendly. The violence is subdued, and the killer goes (in classic Columbo fashion) with calm and grace, even asking "where did I slip up?" So, no fist fights, no car chases, no shouting matches. Only disdain for Elsbeth to go "wait in the hall." I have overall hopes for this show that it will improve. This installment was weaker than the weakest of Columbo episodes. Here's hoping the mysteries can get deeper and the "howcatchem" can be satisfying again.

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