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movieRFebruary 7, 2023
The duty manager of a seaside cinema, who is struggling with her mental health, forms a relationship with a new employee on the south coast of England in the 1980s.
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1h 55min
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"Empire of Light" is a grandiose title for Sam Mendes' intimate new character drama, which unfortunately starts out slow and unfocused. The story is set in 1980-81 and centers around a palatial Art Deco theater in the seaside town of Margate. The cinematography by Roger Deakins is well done and the performances from the cast, including Olivia Colman and Colin Firth, are strong. However, the storytelling is jumbled and the characters are underdeveloped in the first and third part of the film. It takes time for the film to find its groove, but once it does, it becomes more engaging and illuminating.

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  • Olivia Colman
  • Micheal Ward
  • Colin Firth
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