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tvseriesDecember 30, 2023
Erotic Stories is a bold and transgressive anthology series exploring sex and intimacy amongst diverse characters not traditionally seen as sexual leads.
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Everyone kind of knows what SBS is famous for, and to me after the success of their previous drama titled Safe Home, we are served with this "Erotic Stories", not really what we were expecting this year, but hey? It's SBS haha. Now I won't spoil much but I really enjoyed episode two "The Deluge", Kate Box, Danielle Cormack and Emily Havea were all brilliant in this episode, and it was so great to see Kate Box again after Deadloch and Wentworth, gosh Kate is such an incredible actor and deserves the entire world. Also enjoyed the episode "Powerful Owl", what a good episode. If anyone from the Wentworth fandom gets to see this series, please watch this, you will enjoy it more then you know. Every episode is important to a different demo and it shows, but it's truly something that gives the audience what they need and want to see in the realm of sex, love and boundaries Also, more SBS like this again please.

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  • Frances O'Connor
  • Kate Box
  • Catherine McClements
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