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movieJune 6, 2024
After tracing the origin of a disturbing supernatural affliction to a wealthy family's ancestral gravesite, a team of paranormal experts relocates the remains-and soon discovers what happens to those who dare to mess with the wrong grave.
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2h 14min
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Shamanistic rituals, curses, folklore, history, feng shui, omens, grave digging, ghosts, demonic beings and a built in sequel to the original story. This film has it all. The initial plot of this film revolves around a group of spiritualists trying to save a baby from a curse that is plaguing the first born sons of a prosperous bloodline. This could be a stand alone storyline but just when you think the story has come full circle, we are introduced to a follow-up storyline that delves deeper into causation. It is quite a ride. The film was a bit muddled for me as a lay person simply because I lack knowledge regarding some of it's Korean cultural and spiritualistic aspects. I would've liked things to have been slowed down a bit and better explained but the film is already a bit long. I would've liked it to been two movies so that would've been ample time to dive deeper and provide better insight for me. That being said, the atmosphere is well constructed, dark and really compliments the story. It felt really foreboding at times. The actors were all well seasoned and the effects were immersive and captivating. I really enjoyed it so if you like Asian horror, you should definitely check it out.

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  • Kim Go-eun
  • Choi Min-sik
  • Lee Do-hyun
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