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tvseriesTV-MAMarch 18, 2023
Eight interconnected stories told over 33 years explore how our planet's changing climate will affect family, work, faith-and survival.
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Extrapolations is a sci-fi series that tries to explore the consequences of climate change on human society and relationships. However, it fails to deliver a compelling story or engaging characters. The protagonists are one-dimensional and lack any depth or development. They act according to clichés and stereotypes, without any personality. The script is poorly written and full of plot holes, inconsistencies and logical flaws. Some scenes are so awkward and embarrassing that they make you cringe. The only redeeming qualities of this series are the cinematic scenery and the technical gadgets. The production values are high and the visual effects are impressive. The gadgets are creative and futuristic, but they cannot save this series from being a disappointment.'

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  • Simon Deonarian
  • Diane Lane
  • Eiza González
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