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tvseriesTV-MADecember 30, 2023
Camila meets her Prince Charming through a dating app. After an idyllic romance, she plans to surprise him - only to end up trapped in a false paradise.
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Take out all the scenes where characters had bedroom trysts which add nothing to the story progression and you would lost nothing in terms of plot. I am not prudish but I basically fast forwarded every such scene and still knew what was going on. It was as if the writers were given a mandate to do 10 x episodes and not one x less and ran out of ideas how to pad the script so went for the default option. Overall, not the worst show I have seen but it is a bit like soap opera grade acting and script writing. Starts off better than it finishes and the plot itself is a bit far fetched for the material it has to work with.

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  • Carolina Miranda
  • Rodolfo Salas
  • Manuela González
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