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movieTV-GJuly 6, 2024
A photographer determined to complete her exhibit by capturing a rare photo of a 12-sided snowflake, enlists the help of a childhood friend and they go on a mission they'll never forget.
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Yes, your typical Hallmark a couple gets caught in a snowstorm plot. But the twist is a photographer is given the task to get a photo of a rare 12 sided snowflake in order for an art collector to purchase her work, which is a tidy sum that will help the community. Actor Marcus Rosner plays Noah, a friend from her childhood, who helps her on her mission. Marcus Rosne is hot, hot, hot, I'll watch any movie he's in. Rebecca Dalton is Tegan, the photographer. There is good chemistry between the two leads. People complain about the shoddy special effects regarding the snowstorm, come on folks, this is a simple Hallmark movie. Also someone mentioned the silly plot, which is actually from a book! Give this movie some grace its a sweet enjoyable romcom, better than most Hallmark movies..

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  • Rebecca Dalton
  • Marcus Rosner
  • Madeline Leon
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