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tvseries18January 15, 2020
The Fugitive Task Force relentlessly tracks and captures the notorious criminals on the Bureau's Most Wanted list. Seasoned agent Jess LaCroix oversees the highly skilled team that functions as a mobile undercover unit that is always out in the field, pursuing those who are most desperate to elude justice.
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I wanted to provide a more accurate review of the show. I see a ton of complainers who just watched the first two episodes and couldn't get over all the "blatant liberal crap". You aren't providing anything helpful whatsoever. So I'll try to give a far more in-depth review. First let me add that I've watched every episode of the original FBI show and I think it's a fantastic show. The action is non-stop, there are small personal stories included in some episodes that build the characters, and many twists are clever. The main cast work so well together and the star duo has wonderful chemistry. I've watched very few shows like these. With Most Wanted, I've seen both crossovers and episodes 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14.. so mostly later in the season. I've watched every possible episode my On Demand offers. And I have to say I'm not seeing what so many reviewers are whining about. Yes the star has a Native American daughter. Yes she's around at times and appears as we learn more about the main character. The family LaCroix married into is proud of their heritage and that's shown. It's simple to understand. If the fact that she and two other characters are Native American bothers you so much then take a better look at yourself. Because there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Most Wanted appears to have a very different focus than the original show. In FBI you get a comfortable office with all the resources needed, a ton of officers and workers, and constant information getting relayed and action upon. In Most Wanted you get a small group of experts (?) who try to find links between victims and psychoanalyze the murderers in a tight, dark, and modest looking room that barely qualifies as an office. The show tries to make things more emotional and more intimate. It isn't busting down a ton of doors. It isn't information coming in left and right. There's more of a slow progression and many scenes include the group (most of the time LaCroix is the one adding anything of value) assessing the situation and making predictions. There are legit things that the show can improve on. Those who want to give the show a chance should try to watch any of the later episodes. They do provide a solid idea of what the show is about. They seem consistent in both good and bad ways. I want to mention some specifics. The latter part of the season seems to establish Agent LaCroix as someone who specializes in being able to emotionally connect with violent criminals. It reminds me of the show Ransom where the climax of the story is not a major shootout but an intense confrontation handled in intriguing ways. But I have to admit that I don't believe this show can do this focus better than Ransom's Season 1. In Most Wanted, sometimes the climax is really well done as I felt it was in episode 14 Getaway. Sometimes it's crazy but really grabs your attention, and sometimes it completely misses the mark. They need to be careful about empathizing too much with these murderers. Sometimes it doesn't seem logical compared to the severity of the crimes. It's clear this psychoanalysis is what LaCroix excels in but constant "excuses" for the crimes will get tiresome. I believe that in reality sometimes the worst of the worst can't be reasoned with especially in such a short period of time. I haven't seen the show broaden the possibilities. A reason the original FBI show remains so intriguing to me is that I continue to be surprised. One of the most powerful episode endings for me was actually a sad one. In Most Wanted you can't keep reaching the same outcomes. This show has been renewed for a second season. Where Most Wanted could and should improve the most in Season 2 is the chemistry between the main characters. There is none. I thought Sheryll was great in episode 4 Caesar and episode 14 Grudge had me finally beginning to like Hana. But there is no development for them outside of this. I can't explain who the supporting characters are. One has been an FBI agent for many years and two seem to be tech experts. I don't need and certainly don't want a heavy focus on drama the characters go through all the time... but I need to know who they are. What FBI did really well was begin with a small group and expand it out. You had five major characters but the focus was on the main duo. While I haven't seen the beginning and middle of Season 1 and may have missed some key character introductions, there's no reason they couldn't expand on each character through the 8 episodes I saw. Two episodes that focus very heavily on two of the supporting cast are not good enough. This core team needs chemistry. They need a bond. And perhaps most importantly, they need distinct characteristics that make them stand out from one another. There's something else I want to mention. The show is really violent. Most of the episodes I watched had body counts over 4. But it's the way they are showing some of the brutality. It can get rough. I wasn't surprised when a torture scene came up because of how dark these episodes can get. However, it doesn't have to get that dark. I know this is Most Wanted and meant to feature more dangerous criminals (though I can't see more dangerous than a couple of the foes on FBI) but there are certain things that don't have to be shown. Also, episode 12 Ride or Die had a brief scene that really didn't have to be included. This wasn't violent but very disturbing. There isn't anything but the scenes with LaCroix and his daughter to lighten the darkness. And many times even these start out dark. I'm glad the show has been given a second season. I hope it fixes a lot of the things I mentioned because there is potential. Whether you agree or disagree with my personal opinions, I hope this review provides more information about the show.

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