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tvseriesTV-14April 17, 2024
The New York office of the FBI brings to bear all their talents, intellect and technical expertise on major cases in order to keep their city and the country safe.
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1. Became not-so-subtly ideological... bad guys turn out to be... right-wing extremist, or white supremacists, or climate-change "deniers", or wealthy conservatives, or... you get the point 2. Asst Special Agent Jubal becomes comedic. Does the FBI really have a "motivator" barking out directions and inspiring his agents as if this is the very first investigation? 3. Special Agent Maggie is appealing, intelligent, but just too emotional in every other episode 4. Every crime solved per episode. Wash, rinse, repeat. Wolf is more clever than this. He should have added more complexities and twists to extend the investigations beyond single episodes. Entertaining for a little bit and then becomes too predictable and bland. It had the potential to be high-brow and it evaded that fine distinction.

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  • Missy Peregrym
  • Zeeko Zaki
  • Jeremy Sisto
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