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tvseriesTV-MADecember 8, 2023
Explore an aspirational world where NASA and the space program remained a priority and a focal point of our hopes and dreams as told through the lives of NASA astronauts, engineers, and their families.
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For All Mankind is a brilliant take on the Space Race. The Soviets being first to the moon is a great concept, and sets a solid premise for the story. The first season is easily the best, with Wernher von Braun being a highlight. The second season is great, skipping ahead in time and introducing new characters, but season three is where it falls down. Certain characters feel like plot devices, like an obvious mental patient and drug addict being given a major role in the space program. Overall a very good show, and season three isn't all bad. Season four is only on it's first episode as of now, but the future looks bright for For All Mankind.

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  • Joel Kinnaman
  • Michael Dorman
  • Wrenn Schmidt
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