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tvseriesTV-PGMay 17, 2019
Brand new lawyers work for both the defense and the prosecution as they handle the most high profile and high stakes cases in the country - all as their personal lives intersect.
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So what? I enjoyed it start to finish and I will watch future episodes. This pilot did what pilots are supposed to do, it set the stage for episodes to come and I think it did so admirably. So what if cases came to court to fast to suit your perception of reality? So what if the attorneys depicted only work a 40 hour week (though where the poster got that, I have no idea)? If either were depicted "realistically" on the show, we would never see any new cases! Who wants to watch a "real" attorney work an 80 hour week? A 120 hour week? This is television, people! Lighten up and enjoy it. It seem as though most of the posters so far are the same audience that keeps "reality shows" on the air year after despicable year. Talk about boring tv.

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  • Hope Davis
  • Ben Shenkman
  • Jasmin Savoy Brown
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