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movieDecember 22, 2020
A true historical drama about King Sejong, the greatest ruler in Joseon history who sought to enhance national prosperity and military power through astronomy, and Jang Yeong-sil, the most remarkable scientist.
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2h 12min
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The problem with Korean director and rarely happens to other countries is their movie or drama always do not match between story and reasoning. Example when they said story 1 but latter it is view as story 2. We know that all the takes are match up from different times, scenes, location and others but the whole story must match up. This drama is another messy mismatch wrongly directed story with wrong reasonings. This is another lousy average Korean drama that you will not want to waste any time on watching. The storyline is poor and the scripts are poor too. however its average of boredom and lost the grip to viewers any attention. The stars I had given is based on Korean movie and drops another star if compared to Asian standard.

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Cast Overview
  • Suk-kyu Han
  • Choi Min-sik
  • Sung-Hoon Park
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