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tvseriesTV-14January 10, 2024
In any given year, more than 600,000 people are reported missing in the U.S. Of these reported cases, more than half of the missing people are people of color, too easily neglected by the system. Gabi Mosely, a former missing person herself, now specializes in PR and leads a crisis management team that seeks out these missing people. But unbeknownst to anyone, Mosely is hiding a dark secret of her own.
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This show has an interesting premise but it has a lot of issues that let it down. The show has sorted of doomed itself with the hero, Gabi, having someone held captive in her basement. That scenario can't last long term. With a premise like that it would've worked better as a limited series. There is a likability problem with this show. Gabi's behavior is very in keeping with someone with PTSD, but it doesn't make her likeable. Her moral arrogance that she is the only one who can make difference and no one else can is irritating. She treats everyone like garbage. Only her crusade counts. Her character needs a lot of humanizing. I think there is a story issue and that's with Gabi's crew of damaged yet talented coworkers. The coworkers can read other characters in 10-seconds flat yet they haven't picked up on Gabi holding someone captive in her basement. Selective character abilities. One weird observation...Gabi brings her own lectern to the press conferences outside the police dept. It's a shame we never see her load it in the back of car afterwards. :-) Overall, it's a decent concept but it's poorly executed.

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  • Shanola Hampton
  • Kelli Williams
  • Brett Dalton
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