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tvseriesTV-14September 8, 2023
Follow a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.
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I read the books a while ago, and I don't remember anything. Sometimes when the show would use the same names of the characters from the book, that's where the remembrance starts and shortly ends thereafter. "Foundation" the TV series does a fantastic job of a sci-fi show which builds upon the ideas of the "Foundation" the books. It does it, albeit, slowly in season 1, and starts picking up pace in season 2. One of the foundational elements of the books was it's face, it always kept you chasing after a story, and the TV series seems to have gotten that right, somewhat. The visuals are fantastic, as everyone has raved already about them, I'm sure it goes without saying. The acting is good as well. There is a lot happening in this show (typical Goyer stuff), you might not want to miss this (in the immortal words of Swift. Taylor - haters gonna hate).

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  • Jared Harris
  • Lou Llobell
  • Leah Harvey
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