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In December 1776, Benjamin Franklin is world-famous for his electrical experiments. But his passion and power are put to the test when he embarks on a secret mission to France-with the fate of American independence hanging in the balance.
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The story is circling Benjamin Franklin around the end of 1770 when aparently he went to France to gather support against the brittish in the American attempt to become a free independent nation. I cant say much of the accuracy of the story but this depiction seems rather vapid to me and more focused on details than the core story. Maybe because the core story itself isnt very exciting but rather booring. The production is fairly big and thus the scenography, picture, music and sound is generally good and of quality but the story and script is lagging behind and doesnt deliver much excitement. You will see beautiful and well dressed people but less exciting interactions between people. The writers are failing and actors are stiff and lacks spark to create interest. The picture is also a bit dark, filmed in the light of candles and fog mostly, which seems unnecessary and dulling. Michael Douglas is the acting lead depicting Franklin in this drama and Im not impressed. He has problem standing, walking and talking straight, its like he is drunk. The reason for this is likely old age or some medical issues. In any case this is a crucial problem since the story circles him. Michael Douglas ineptitide to accurately depict Franklin instead of being himself, kills much of the suspence that is built in the story, creating a loss of interest. I hate to say this because Michael Douglas was a good reliable actor that delivered pre covid(-2019). The "diversity" aspect. Unfortunately they couldnt leave this historical portrait alone and attempts to rewrite history. They include black people both in the background and as main characters when there where no black people in France at the time and especially not at the social status depicted. They also included the depiction of a transexual and pretend Franklin would have treated him with interest, understanding and respect, is not likely. If you like historical dramas in the late 1700s France and dont mind watching a seemingly drunk playing Franklin and dont mind other serious inaccuracies of history, then this series is for you. 6/10 for everything but Michael Douglas as Franklin.

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