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tvseriesTV-MAMay 3, 2024
In December 1776, Benjamin Franklin is world-famous for his electrical experiments. But his passion and power are put to the test when he embarks on a secret mission to France-with the fate of American independence hanging in the balance.
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I love Michael Douglas as an actor. He has had some great roles and really lights up the screen. But I can't buy him as Benjamin Franklin. His distinct voice in particular just made me think "oh that's Michael Douglas in a period piece". I was waiting for him to bust out with some slick monologue about Wall Street. As such, I couldn't get involved with the story about Franklin. The costumes and set designs are fantastic and Franklin the man had an epic life, so if and when I get past the casting I hope to make it through the entire series. Apple TV has released some really high quality programming.

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  • Michael Douglas
  • Noah Jupe
  • Daniel Mays
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