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tvseriesNovember 30, 2023
Follow Frasier Crane in the next chapter of his life as he returns to Boston, Mass., with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge and an old dream or two to finally fulfill.
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I am a huge fan of the original series and still watch it to this day. And while I can find plenty to enjoy about the reboot (the first two episodes thus far), I can't help but feel that some classic tropes that made the original so great are missing. The rule of 3: In the original series, characters would list three things and the third line would be the punchline. I find the new series has moved on from this. Example: from Dukes we hardly knew ye - Martin: "To Dukes!" All: "To Dukes!" Frasier (takes a shot) "Two More!" or in the episode Decoys: Roz - "I am not one who steals other peoples boyfriends. Not friends' boyfriends...not good friends' boyfriends...not again". This is something that made the show so great and even Modern Family (basic cousin to Frasier due to the writing team) used to great effect. Irony: The use of irony seems to be missing from the first two episodes. The original series used to employ irony is almost every single episode - where the characters would say something and be contradicted seconds later. From Whine Club: Martin - "Boy, do you know what I can't stand? All that 'dearie, darling' stuff. I've never met anyone so phoney!" (Mel walks in) Martin - "Hello dear, here's your water" Comedic timing: I think in an effort to make the show more modern, the writers/actors have done away with any pauses before a punchline. In episode two of the Reboot, Frasier is spinning in his chair talking to Alan about what he suspects the issues he has with Freddie, to which Frasier self diagnosis the issue himself, but he does it so quickly it doesn't even seem like it was Alan that prompted him to give the answer - This is similar to a joke done in the original series with Niles and Frasier, but done to a less amusing degree. Furthermore, the delivery a joke is done so quickly the actors are not giving the joke a moment to simmer. Consider the way Niles would deliver a line expertly with great comic timing. In any case, there seems to be plenty of room for improvement and I hope the series continues as I enjoy seeing Frasier, Alan, Olivia and David. I find Freddy and Eve to be painfully miscast. Freddy in particular can be so smug it is painful to watch (the entire air hockey table scene was just cringe). Lastly, I will say that the jokes are there and they are well written and the homage to the original series are delightful. While I hated the people who played Freddy's friends in the second episode, the homage to Martin calling into the radio show in the first season ("you hear that? I said thank you!") was done well when Frasier was talking to Freddy at the bar - and felt like the radio show of the old series. Any qualms about Frasier's clothes are just beyond me, I think he looks great in the role and the touches of plaid may be a wink at Martin. I just hope they can bring back some of the old tricks that made the original so good and not a rethread of the far inferior Big Bang Theory.

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