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movieRJune 22, 2024
An ex-special forces operative takes a job to provide security for a journalist as she interviews a dictator, but a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, they are forced to escape into the jungle where they must survive.
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LIKES: Fun Pace: -The movie does not take much time to build up to the mission at hand. It's a quick montage, a little showing of life similar to the Incredibles, and then right to the fun. -That momentum carries throughout the film, a comedic festival of shooting, dodging, and meandering that will be very entertaining. -Like a big YouTube skit, the movie just throws one section of jokes, rants, and actions to make you laugh, and to be honest, it's very fun. -The two hours quickly flew by and I found this movie just pure escapism, with limited struggles for getting caught up in some historical drama or political agenda talk that many movies thrive on today. The Story: -It's nothing amazing, but it's a wholesome story, and one that I think serves to anchor the ridiculous antics of Cena and company. -His character Mason is a solider, sort of, with a lot of issues I've helped people with, and that relevant factor and respect was great fuel for helping him grow in this crazy comedy. -The simplistic tale holds some self-discovery for me as an audience member, some important moral lessons that could be learned well right now, but never too preachy or getting lost from the main tale. -And some other characters do well to have their own tales have relevance, many crossing and further supporting the main story to help include all characters. -All of it had the comedic tone to it, with just some elements of sobering seriousness to help give a relief to the fun. The Acting: -Another cast of characters that are fun, but forgettable, Freelance's acting is in line with being a lot of fun for the feel of the film. -I start with Eve. She's not bad, she's just not that involved outside of one arc of the story. A great execution, with a good press on the pulse of real characters, she accomplishes much, but just needed a bigger part. * Juan Pablo Raba was a great opposite to Cena. His character has a lot of qualities to him, and Raba somehow managed to hit every one in a fantastic element for my reviewer. He's funny, passionate, silly, suave, and charming, but yet corrupt, noble, brave, and a coward all in one. This wild card character is almost the star of the show for me and the acting and chemistry he has just really makes this character somehow annoying, but fun. -Brie is beautiful to start out with, and I just loved the looks, and costumes she owned in the movie. As for acting, her comedy roots shine hard, and stay hard, with a nice little twist that works for a better character than I expected in the first shots. Her chemistry is solid with both of her male travelers, and her outtakes are even better. -Cena is the star of the movie though, and he unleashes the full might of his comedy into one movie. The wrestler is silly, clumsy, and but cuddly, a man with who executes a trouble character well, and gives an actin punch. -It's like Fast and Furious X, stupid and simple, but now with more personality and surprisingly a more realistic scenario than the speed chase. Again, it's a lot of fun, it's silly stupidity, and I quite enjoyed it. The Comedy: -It's a stupid film, and nothing that is unique from what we have seen, but again it's enjoyable and simple waste of time. -Freelance is loaded with comedic components to whet your appetite, pleasing you with a lot of one-offs and situational humor that actually holds to my memory, probably due to how they built upon things with each joke iteration. -You want political humor that stays tasteful? Well this movie does it, feeling like a political cartoon without being too over complicated. -You want situational slapstick and physical comedy? It delivers! Cena, Raba, and Brie all get their fair share of hard knocks that had my buddy and me in stitches as they rolled about. -How about banter and insults? Yep, you've got that covered too! Puns galore fill the dialogue, alongside some incredibly diverse insults, pokes, and name-calling that have some witty placement. -I loved how well they jabbed at each other and how natural it went, even crossing into adult comedy, but never crossing too many lines or becoming fixated on it, until the bloopers. That was by far the best part for me in this film, and the highlight of the movie. Dislikes: Predictable: -This should be no surprise, but the movie was not designed to be unique or have the most thrilling story loaded with surprises, twists, and gut wrenching revelations. -The tale is weaker than I would have liked, a sort of afterthought that just seems built for finding the avenue to unleash jokes. And though it works, I would have liked a little more investment. -A little more suspense? Maybe adding a little more twist and uniqueness or some story to Brie's character to help? Something to make it more memorable, that started coming at the end of the film. -Even the allusions of the complex political game are sort of uncoordinated and wasteful, another element that would have worked to help add that spice. A More Memorable Villain: -There are a lot of "villains" in this movie, but there is one consistent one that I thought had more props from the opening start. -Sadly, this villain is stereotypical, with more threatening gaze and planning than actual bite that I wanted to see. -The end game gives him soothing of a presence and need for inclusion, but much of the film just overtakes him, and much of his involvement is lost to hasty integrations and one part of the plot that by that point was not needed. The Action: -Another thing that felt like an aside, the movie really struggles for action scenes that felt like they were awesome, cool, or even necessary for showing up. -Freelance's fights have some moments that are cool, but feel like failed comedic tools that did little to advance the movie or add suspense to the fun thriller. -Chase scenes are boring, shoot outs feel inconsistent and somewhat forced, and even the physical comedy is very staged and lacking the storytelling, comedy, or again excitement as it feels like an afterthought. -To be honest, it almost wasn't necessary, but the cute moments, some of the motivation, and dare I say some comedy lines saved this part from being a total flop. The Verdict: Freelance is a fun movie that has a lot of chops in the comedy department, despite how forgettable it may seem. The treasure comes in the comedy and just escape you have with this film, not bogged down by any heavy plots, over intense horror, or even ultra-violent comedy that seems to be the trend. Instead, it's a movie that balances some decent storytelling, with a lot of good chemistry in ribbing, puns, and variety to feel like three friends stuck in an awkward situation. A pace that is not too fast, nor too slow, it handles the simplistic story with ease, gives those moments to settle down and teach lessons, and reset before more madness happens. It is a bit silly, it's stupid for sure, and it needs some work in the memorable moments and action, but at the core, Freelance is just a fun movie night in to laugh and enjoy. I'd say to hit the theaters, but I think this one is going to be favored for the comfort of home in case it's too silly for you. My scores for all this are: Action/Comedy: 6.5 Movie Overall: 6.0.

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