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movieRMarch 21, 2024
Sweet Gordon, an affable English teacher in Brooklyn, has beaten the odds; a French Girl has fallen in love with him and he's fallen even harder back. But their future is thrown into limbo when she interviews for an executive chef position in her hometown of Quebec City. To Gordon's dismay her future boss also happens to be her former lover, a celebrity Chef with oceanic eyes and a hit TV show. Good luck Gordon.
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1h 46min
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I was looking forward to this film as I love Quebed City and Quebec in general. I have ancestors from Beauport. But I wanted to stop watching 10 minutes into it. Why would a beautiful, talented, accomplished young woman be at all interested in a neurotic, weak, candyass loser like Gordon? It's just too preposterous to suspend one's disbelief in order to enjoy at least the scenery in the film. The storyline displalys one cliche after another. I don't understand how scripts like this get made. No, wait, I do: because Hollywood producers are all neurotic, weak candyasses who were able to move on from their careers in car sales or the clothing business or corporate law through nepotism or fraternity connections.

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  • Zach Braff
  • Evelyne Brochu
  • Luc Picard
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