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tvseriesSeptember 17, 2023
Policeman Moaz Ibrahim is forced into living a dangerous double life with the criminal gang Enemiez as an attempt to keep his shady past hidden from the outside world.
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Hailed by Ricky Gervais recently on Twitter, this show peaked my interest. I am Norwegian myself and also live on the east side of Oslo, close to where many of the shows locations are set - which was a nice thing to see! Set in the east side of Oslo, historically renown for it's gangs and high crime rate, we follow two "brothers" from a fictitious area "Lakkeberg" - Moaz and Rami, who grew up together but ultimately chose their lives on each side of the law. The story revolves around Rami and his criminal gang called the "Enemiez" and Moaz as the police investigator. The show has a slow start but slowly grows on you. The twists and turns keeps you on edge in the later episodes. The personal stories of everyone - the kids, the families, the gangs and police - come through well and you get a good feel for the complicated choices they all have to go through. Special compliments to both main actors as they portray the feelings and complicated life choices very well, and are credible in their roles. The show is all around well acted by the entire cast, has a great score and good drama/action throughout. Give it a go, you won't regret!

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  • Emir Zamwa
  • Mohammed Youssef
  • Ishak Kaya
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