Garouden The Way of the Lone Wolf Complete S01 DUAL 720p WEB-DL x265

tvseriesTV-MAMay 24, 2024
On the run from a past crime, Juzo Fujimaki is blackmailed into joining an illicit tournament and has to face top martial artists in deadly match-ups.
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Starting with the pro's - art style, voice acting, sound production. Now the Cons, storyline and characters, very odd and just no build up or character building, I can only remember Fujimaki (main character) the rest were small foot notes, the storyline itself is weak, never really heading anywhere at all, occasionally mentioning a couple of tournaments but they draw in excitement but then let you down as it is just a drab affair, it never really draws in any excitement when they start. Finally the animation, while some parts are brilliant, gorgeous to look at, the fighting animation is beyond poor, it reminded me of something I couldn't quite put my finger on...then it came to me - Prince of Persia on the Amiga, sounds odd but it's clunky, slow and turns off the polish that the rest of the show had, a couple of close up shots look fantastic but it follows a poor animation punch that looks like a slow and weak attack to the cut scene that ripples the opponents face, it just doesn't make sense between the two animations. Overall the series is forgettable, a great premise to give Baki, Kengan & even Record of Ragnorok a run for it's money, but it falls so short off the mark that it can't even be classed in the same genre, won't be disappointed if season 2 is scrapped.

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  • Ell
  • Kagga Jayson
  • Ibrahim Laleli
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