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tvseriesOctober 13, 2023
At America's only college for superheroes, gifted students put their moral boundaries to the test, competing for the university's top ranking, and a chance to join The Seven, Vought International's elite superhero team. When the school's dark secrets come to light, they must decide what kind of heroes they want to become.
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I watched Generation V with a sense of anticipation, curious if it would boast any endearing characters or capture the cutting social satire that made its predecessor, The Boys, so compelling. Regrettably, it appears that the only common thread between the two lies in their penchant for shock value, sporadic action, and a hint of intrigue. In fact ironically it seems to take many of the things lampooned in the Boys seriously. Is it entertaining? Well, in my opinion, it won't leave you utterly bored, but it's unlikely to evoke any profound affection for its characters or its world, nor will it really elicit laughter. If you do decide to tune in, it will likely be solely to follow the progression of the plot. It's hard to imagine that a show like this, relying on the now shock tropes from the Boys as being safe, but here we are. The series adheres to the familiar tropes of a teenage action show, featuring spirited underdog protagonists who forge bonds and defy the odds within a flawed system, all while exuding an undercurrent of confused sexual desire. In comparison to other shows of its genre, it may surpass many in quality (it at least doesn't solely rely on sexual tension), but it fails to offer any significant character insights or compelling comedy. Whether you choose to watch it or not, chances are you won't despise it or love it. However, if you find yourself pressed for time, it might be wise to await a more compelling streaming option.

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  • Jaz Sinclair
  • Chance Perdomo
  • Lizze Broadway
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