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movieRJanuary 5, 2024
When his husband unexpectedly dies, Marc's world shatters, sending him and his two best friends on a soul-searching trip to Paris that reveals some hard truths they each needed to face.
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1h 40min
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So I watched it a few days ago, ahead of its release. Let me break it down: * The story is about the loss of the husband in a Gay marriage. It was enjoyable, slow drama. The trailer is not misleading and gives a good clue. * Ruth Negga really added the fun touch. Audience laughed more than 10 times at her jokes and performance, and it became customary to expect that. * I've seen the same plot on other projects before. Also without spoiling the story, I say there were too many coincidences on events, dates, people, and places that happened exactly at the right time for the story to unfold. * The production quality is good. The camera, acting, shots, cinematography, ... all match and nothing out of the ordinary for a drama film. The film was shot in different locations, indoor and outdoor. * Finally, there are a lot of queer kisses, which may not be for everyone. And almost everyone is queer, even the lawyer.

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  • Dan Levy
  • Ruth Negga
  • Himesh Patel
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