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tvseriesTV-14July 24, 2019
After moving to The Coterie in Downtown Los Angeles, Callie and Mariana Foster realize that living on their own is not all that it's cracked up to be.
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The Fosters was awesome on many levels, and after 5 episodes my list of favourite shows now includes Good Trouble. I guess we all want varying things from the dramas we watch - so long as the stories are character driven and allow for personal growth, and the main characters are likeable, I don't mind spending time with one or two people I would avoid in real life. Some of Callie and Mariana's new loft mates are a bit abrasive, and their workmates are ****s, but without conflict there would be no story. At the beginning of the pilot episode Callie and Mariana are in the same outfits and UHaul they were in at the very end of The Fosters. Cierra Ramirez is exceptionally talented, has great comic timing (a gift), and never murdered a line in 5 seasons of The Fosters. She's the perfect person to play Mariana - set up by the writers with a propensity to stretch the truth or delude herself, and with no respect for anyone's secrets but her own. These flaws often are what keeps the stories moving. She makes up for these unforgivable traits by being fierce, whether protecting someone she cares about or cutting through other people's BS. Her breakthrough moments and her sense of fun are highlights, for me. No, Callie has never seemed promiscuous or needy to me, but then I've never understood why anyone would expect most people to become attached, engaged and married happily ever after to only one person in a lifetime (unless the story is set in the 16th century or something). I'm in my 60s and happy for these characters to act their age - gosh, I might even learn something when one of them makes a mistake. The pace of the storyline seems less frantic than The Fosters. Another thing I don't understand is reviewers who whinge and moan about the show's "liberal" values. Well, duh! If they find it all so unbearable why on earth don't they watch something else? It's like smacking yourself in the eye so you can resent having hands. The setting and sets for this series are just yummy, and the art theme is a bonus. The sequence in 01x05 involving the 1957 photo from Arkansas (see... no spoiler!) is typical of the occasional treats I've come to expect from these prducers. My only wish is that, as we are getting a lot of flashback sequences, writers would find a way to make this slightly less confusing. As on The Fosters, I sometimes find myself wondering, not where, but when we are, in a story.

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  • Maia Mitchell
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