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tvseriesTV-14November 4, 2023
A group of five high schoolers embark on a shadowy and twisted journey to investigate the tragic passing three decades earlier of a teen named Harold Biddle - while also unearthing dark secrets from their parents' past.
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This is an everyday story of teenagers in their mid to late twenties who talk and behave in a way no teenager would. It's filled with every trope of the current year which aren't in any way real. So, nonsense aside, it it any good? Not really and not even close but it isn't as bad as it could be which makes it a little bit better than the crap that gets made today. In short, it's not remotely good but it exists in an amateurish world where a lot of what gets made is worse. It's difficult to imagine where they get people to write and produce this kind of stuff but until talented people turn up it provides moving images on screen which make the passage of time less boring than a sensory deprivation tank.

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  • Zack Morris
  • Isa Briones
  • Miles McKenna
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