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tvseriesTV-14April 26, 2023
In the aftermath of Bruce Wayne's murder, his rebellious adopted son forges an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman's enemies when they are all framed for killing the Caped Crusader.
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There seems to be some kind of hate campaign against the CW! Sure, some of their content has not been the greatest BUT they have made some really good series. Consequently, I find some of the really low ratings quite curious. Interestingly, those not invested in darkening the CW name have given this quite high scores - there seems to be little in the middle. It is also odd that a series might be rubbished so early in its run. Come on folks - give it a chance! For me, it is certainly not as good as Superman & Lois - yet. But I felt it was a reasonable start. So it's a different slant looking at the time after Batman. Surely that gives it a relatively clean slate and lots of potential? The acting is nothing like as bad as some reviewers would have you believe. In particular, I felt Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela and Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown were standout newcomers. There's lots of action, the story pulls you in and the sfx are credible enough. I shall certainly continue to watch it to see how it progresses. Hopefully, all the CW haters will actually go away and stop giving dumb reviews without foundation and let "normal" reviewers assess this properly on its own merit!

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  • Oscar Morgan
  • Navia Ziraili Robinson
  • Fallon Smythe
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