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tvseriesTV-14July 2, 2024
Brighton based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is a hard-working police officer who has given his life to the job, but his career is currently at rock bottom. He's fixated by the disappearance of his beloved wife, Sandy, and running enquiries into long forgotten cold cases with little prospect of success. Following another reprimand for his unorthodox police methods, Grace is walking a career tightrope and risks being moved from the job he loves most.
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Harking back to the regulation dramas being made 10-15 years ago. The thing I liked about it that was it wasn't offensive. No profanities, which just goes to show that they are not necessary to make a drama seem more realistic. Not too taxing, just a good watch.

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  • John Simm
  • Richie Campbell
  • Brad Morrison
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