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movieAugust 17, 2023
Based on the "TAKE THAT MUSICAL", Five best friends have the night of their lives seeing their favourite boy band in concert. Twenty-five years later, their lives have changed in many different ways as they reunite for one more epic show by their beloved band, to relight their friendship and discover that maybe their greatest days are ahead of them.
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1h 52min
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Although not particularly Take That fans - I recognise they've got some great tunes. I also recognised that this was a low budget film and not likely in any way to scale the heights of day Mama Mia. But it didn't shine on any level and certainly didn't have any magic. I was praying got it to end. I really wanted to like it - but It's formulaic, derivative, predictable, poorly scripted and cringeworthy in parts. The main characters supply us with the obligatory one lesbian, one with weight issues, two mixed race, a crossdresser with beard - then kids with cancer. The songs are great, there are some excellent dance scenes, lots,of the camp was enjoyable. The best bit by far was seeing Gary, Mark and Jason busking in a tube train - looking down at heel, very amusing. Well done them. However it didn't relight my fire,

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  • Aisling Bea
  • Matthew McNulty
  • Alice Lowe
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