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movieFebruary 26, 2024
Unpopular and down-on-her-luck, Marge is already having a tough time navigating the minefield that is her suburban high school. But Marge's life is completely upended when her beloved mother and only champion dies in a tragic accident. With nowhere else to turn except her ultra-conservative grandparents, Marge decides instead to hunt down her estranged father, a former soccer star living in rural Mexico as a beach bum and coach to the local women's team. Neither is ready for such a big change, but the best shot they have at fixing their past and moving forward is together.
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1h 42min
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Don't overthink or over analyse this movie. That is not what this charming movie is made for. No the story is not very deep and there are definately no weird plot twists. In short you can say this about Gringa, without giving anything away that isn't in the trailer or discription. Single mom dies, bum dad has to be found and takes over but struggles while trying and daughter is dealing with some issues herself. All of this is set in a tiny Mexican village, were people smile, go to church, surf and play soccer. If you like an entertaining feelgood that is not to deep, than Gringa is your movie for tonight. And on top of that Steve Zahn and Jess Gabor both act a very believable in this Mexican coming of age and booze feelgood movie.

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  • Judy Greer
  • Roselyn Sanchez
  • Steve Zahn
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