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tvseriesTV-MADecember 23, 2023
1945, Gyeongseong South Korea. Jang Tae-Sang is a rich man. He is known as the most attractive man around Bukchon in Gyeongseong. He is also a reliable source for information in the area. His talents, including the ability to respond quickly to situations, keen insight and his sociability, have led him to his current position. When he comes into contact with Yoon Chae-Ok, he has to reevaluate his priorities as a person.
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I was really looking forward to this drama and I was not disappointed. CGI & Effects, sceneries, sets costumes, this drama were made with quality. I usually don't enjoy watching this period dramas about war because it is very depressing and heartbreaking to see the capacity of the brutality and cruelty of men (the japanese really caused havoc and irreparable damage to Korea). But in this case and although there's a few very real and powerful scenes where emotions take over, thanks to the supernatural elements of the beasts and the very unique and quirky personality of Park Seo Joon's character and his romantic storyline, the darkness is somehow compensated and it works wonders. It has been a very long time since we watched Park Seo Joon in a drama, and I missed him. I truly enjoy his acting. He has the capability of taking this character ( Jang Tae Sang) and transform, he showed us an infatuated man with all his awkwardness and clumsiness but also a man tired and in agony for what life has put him through, and you can feel all his pain, anger, frustration and then determination to keep fighting to keep surviving hell. Han Soo Hee was fantastic too, I am used to her kicking ass with her roles and this wasn't less. She had great chemistry with Park Seo Joon and the dramatic scenes were very painful to watch. Truly amazing actress. Rest of the cast was remarkable and I cant wait to see the second part of this. Specially Wi Ha Joon, which had a small role so far but I am anticipating he will play a much bigger part in the upcoming episodes. Overall, amazing drama, very entertaining and well made. Go watch it!

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