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tvseriesTV-14February 22, 2024
Depicting an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, the series weaves deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.
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As a fanatic HALO fan, I do not understand why people expect this to be following the original story. We already know the original story. I don't want to have another Last Of Us type series which simply plays 1 to 1 with the game. This is just based on the original content. Just a different approach and different way to tell the story. It is well made and generally very good SciFi. If you view it as a stand alone story, it is amazingly good! Honestly, the choice of NOT telling the original story is a good one. If they went with it...they would never make a fan happy. They can only tell it exactly as punctual as The Last Of Us did. Any deviation, even the slightest one, would result in hate and backlash. Chosing a completely new and original approach is much better imho. In addition, it simply gives us more HALO content to consume which is always a W. Oh, almost forgot...please, PLEASE kill off Kwan!! Everything related to her is simply BOOORING!!!

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  • Pablo Schreiber
  • Shabana Azmi
  • Natasha Culzac
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