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tvseriesTV-MAJuly 4, 2020
This thriller and coming-of-age drama follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. Based on the 2011 Joe Wright film.
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Though I hoped that this season would be better than the first, as per my review about 5 months ago, I was kinda let down. * The story is not better than season 1. * We've got sort of 5 episodes of fillers and 3 more serious and better ones. * We do not see Hanna more in action (aside the last 3 serious episodes). She should be more on the spotlight, with shininess and more crazy good performances. She is like a human "Bionic" girl with awesome abilities and amazing aiming. The producers & writers really need to understand that and give her increased brilliant spots to shine (martial arts and guns alike). * Sandy (Áine Rose Daly) was one of the highlight of the season. She's a talented and beautiful actress who has the potential to become a really bad yet powerful smart girl in the series. * Nothing of real interest for Marissa, aside adding mother-like behaviors to her collection in the show; Although, her personal style of handling guns are one of the best I saw in women and men alike. Again, I ask the producers, to give to series aim & purpose and squeeze it into a powerful beam for it to really deliver and shine. Less "useless" characters and more of Hanna in action.

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  • Esme Creed-Miles
  • Mireille Enos
  • Joel Kinnaman
  • Yasmin Monet Prince
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