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movieJuly 27, 2023
At a crossroads after her divorce, a schoolteacher ventures toward a fresh start in life - and love - when she signs up for a grueling group hiking trip.
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1h 43min
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A lackluster film which is unfortunate,just felt boring & dragged out. Maybe if the casting was better,acting,script or something it could of improved. It had very little comedy,mixed with meaning moments. Full of clichés and plotholes,corny or predictable dialog. You almost could watch the trailer,which saves you time sitting through what remains.. Again,seen how it ended even before it got underway. The scenery during their hike was beautiful,so at least it had that.. Loved that it was filmed,during the Autumn season. Not saying the whole movie stunk,but because the majority wasn't great it was a wasted watch. If you like any of the actors,need something to watch.. Give it a go!

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Cast Overview
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Luke Grimes
  • Nico Santos
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