Hard Days 2023 DUAL 1080p DD5.1 x264

movieJuly 5, 2024
After going to extremes to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop's life spirals out of control when he starts receiving threats from a mysterious witness.
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1h 58min
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We have Juinichi Okada in yet another thriller. Hard Days is a very thrilling power packed movie which keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole remainder of the movie. The movie has our protagonist playing as a detective. He's involved with Yakuza and there's the corrupt higher up police inspector. Along with these three, there are some side characters who stir up quite some thrill in the story which make keep you baffling till the end of the movie. The end is quite an interesting one which keep you guessing on what really happens as its not a direct end. The acting by the whole cast is quite to the point. There's hardly any characters that overdoes it. For someone who wants to watch a thriller with little comedy bits in between and the classic cop-yakuza-corrupt inspector drama, this one's for ya guys!

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  • Gô Ayano
  • Tim Dang
  • Akira Emoto
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