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tvseriesSeptember 8, 2023
Follow the story of Mickey Bolitar after the death of his father leads him to start a new life in suburban New Jersey. When another new student disappears, Mickey finds himself tangled in a web of secrets. With the help of two new friends, Spoon and Ema, they reveal a dark underground that may hold the answers to decades of disappearances.
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I'll admit that I'm intrigued by the mystery. My initial thought was that it was going to be a back-and-forth between 90's kids and 20's kids. But three episodes in that it's just a pile of overused high school cliches. On top of that, they use such an unnecessary amount of vulgarity that it really takes away from any warmth present amongst the characters. I'm not sure why productions need so much vulgarity in their shows these days. It feels like it's just because they can. In the end, it ends up being bad writing (for example: having a likeable character use the phrase "wtaf." Just poor writing. I'll likely finish the show because I'm intrigued by the mystery, but the characters aren't great and the writing is poor.

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  • Jaden Michael
  • Constance Zimmer
  • Adrian Greensmith
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