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tvseriesNot RatedJune 10, 2019
When a dark secret from this past threatens to be exposed, unorthodox and brilliant medical examiner, Doctor Daniel Harrow, must use all his forensic skills to keep it buried forever.
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While I can't speak to the authenticity of Australian location portrayal, as other reviewers have, I think the show was great. Acting, camera work, jokes, and banter between coworkers, all served to create a believable environment. And that dark past of his, just waiting to be revealed and possibly destroy everything, hovers in the background, creating tension. I find myself waiting for the next episode. One reviewer complains about there being a personal story behind the main character, but that's how we end up finding out about that mysterious past of his. And, seriously, what do they want? A cardboard cutout character with minimal lines and no home life? The added drama keeps the show interesting, adds extra levels to the character as it goes, and family members are always potentially at risk when there's a hero character involved, so there's that. Give the show a chance and don't pay attention to bad reviews if you already think you might like something.

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  • Ioan Gruffudd
  • Darren Gilshenan
  • Damien Garvey
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